Chain Hoist

We are proud suppliers of high quality and reliability chain hoists or blocks.

Constant innovation and patented designs ensure TIGER hoists meet your lifting requirements. Lifting capacities for TIGER chain hoists are available from 0.5 Ton to 5 Ton.

We source extensively and bring to you reliable and quality products while providing good value. POWER hoists provide Quality for Value. Lifting capacities for POWER chain hoists ranges from 0.5 Ton to 10 Ton.

Apart from the standard lift, other lengths can be custom made upon request.

We have a ready inventory of spare parts for our chain hoists thus enabling us to provide timely and efficient after-sales service.

POWER Chain Hoist


TIGER Chain Hoist


Prominent features of our chain hoists include:

Steel structural components for maximum strength

Compact & lightweight for easy handling

High tensile alloy steel chain for safety and reliability

Safety in operation with minimum maintenance

High mechanical efficiency keep physical effort to a minimum.

Durability in service

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